Welcome to Ridgeview Golf Course
Ridgeview Golf Club

of Ligonier, Pennsylvania.

Affordable Golf ... Priceless View !!!

Located 2.3 miles on Route 711 North from the Diamond in Ligonier, PA

Clubhouse phone: 724 - 238 - 7655

Ridgeview Golf Club operates as a public charity under the guidance and financial support of the International Myopia Prevention Assn., which has its headquarters in Ligonier. Myopia is caused by the excessive amount of reading and other close work our children do in our modern society. Outdoor activities are essential to offset such abnormal use of our eyes. We sponsor children's golf leagues, offer low prices for children's memberships and disseminate literature and free advice on vision heath to young and old. To learn more, see our website, Prevent Myopia.

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Chestnut Ridge as viewed from the deck overlooking the fourth fairway